Mission Statement

Madeira Investment supports and prepares startups and new projects to enhance their opportunities of becoming successful companies in worldwide market. From access to investment, strategy definition, marketing, management or even opening new markets Madeira Investment seats side by side with clients to guarantee their success.

Based on the Island of Madeira, Madeira Investments will assist in setting up bridges between existing, well-established companies and international countries through our initiative international ambassadors program, in various countries worldwide. Based on our consultants experience and their networking experience with worldwide decision makers, and top management, we setup unique communication channels (bridges) between companies, creating an international and multicultural ecosystem hub for companies with worldwide vision for their businesses. Read More

Madeira Investment is a



Why Join Us

Innovative Funding Models

Access to Worldwide Markets

We Support our Clients with their Investment strategy every step of the way.

Madeira Island – a unique place for Startups

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Our Companies

A growth knowledge community that expands businesses with a true spirit of International Inter-company collaboration.

  • Cloud based internet projects
  • Biotech
  • Fintech
  • Security
  • IoT
  • AI & Machine learning tools
  • Biz made easy

In the last two years we have invested in 12 Startups, and raised more than 3,8 million Euros in Venture Capital for our Startup community.


Investment Solutions

 Support Services for Startups and other Companies

Access to Worldwide Market to Expand Businesses

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