Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Madeira Investment supports and prepares startups and new Projects to enhance their opportunities of becoming the most successful companies in a worldwide market. From access to investment, strategy definition, marketing, and management, including new markets. Madeira Investment sits side by side with clients to guarantee their success.

Founded on the Island of Madeira, Madeira Investment will assist in setting up bridges between existing, well-established companies and international countries, through our international ambassadors initiative program, located in various countries worldwide. Based on our consultants business acumen and their networking experience with Worldwide decision makers, top management and leaders, this allows us, to setup unique communication channels between many organisations, creating an international and multicultural ecosystem hub for companies with a worldwide vision for their businesses.

Our Unique Approach to the Development of Companies and Organisations









Madeira Investment has a global approach to its clients, with both Startups and well-established organisations, in order to achieve the goals they aim to reach. While gathering profound knowledge of our clients business, products, operations, services, markets and their unique goals, is only the first step in designing a unique approach for each organisation, ensuring all their needs and wants are met.  From there we continue to enhance the paths required for ultimate success together.

People Power for Enhanced Results

We believe business success is due to its people power. We develop and enhance close relationships with our global partners, to promote their companies and projects, through a wide and rich network, based on our proven, long-time relationships, built on successful businesses and their projects that have become our long-time partnerships.